Get Published

Traditional Publishing

Most people still think the way to get published is through the traditional route of finding an agent and landing an advance from a major publishing house. Although this route is still followed toady, the conventional route is increasingly difficult to navigate. You will need to find an agent and convince them that your work is good enough to be published, many who won't respond to you until months later while you sit on your masterpiece waiting for the rejection letter. Even if a major publisher decides to pick up your book, they will put their own spin on your stories and edit your works to appeal to a broader market. There still is no guarantee that your book will be successful. Even if you managed to sell 10,000 copies of your book with a traditional press (very good by industry standards), your payout will be very little after everyone; agent; publisher; distributor; printer; marketing agency; bookstores, takes their share of your money. Most authors are lucky to get 1% of the cover price per book sold, not Brownfish, most our authors get close to 40% of their cover price.


With the advances in printing technology, it became cheaper for pinters to be able to print books on demanad, one at a time, otherwise known as POD. Generally more expensvie than the traditional route of printing thousands of books at one time, POD allows publishers and authors the benefit of no inventory to maintain. Books are printed as they are ordered, eliminating the need for a supply warehouse or the threat of having thousands of books go unsold. This technology has opened the door for many to see their works published

Vanity Publishing

With great advancements always comes greedy individuals looking to make a quick buck. Vanity presses, or vanity publishing, is a publishing company that will agree to print and bind any author's book, as long as they are willing to pay for the service of doing s0. They generally charge outlandish fees because this is where all their profits come from. They make money from the authors, not the authors selling any books. Sure they will print your book and get it online at places like Amazon or Barnes and Noble, but they will do nothing to help you market or promote you book. Besides why would you spend $500 to print your book and pay for any of their many other outlandish services, which are typically already free, just to get your book published. Examples of these sites are lulu and iUniverse

The Brownfish Approach

We at Brownfish want you to be succesful, that is why we don't ask for any start up fees from you. If we think your book will be a success then we mean it and we are willing to risk the startup costs to get your book in print and into the hands of your readers. You retain the rights to your books, you wrote it, so why should I tell you what you can and can't do with it. While we can't get your books into brick and mortar stores, we can help you create an online presence that will get you sales and readers to buy your book. Typically we publish authors who already have a website or blog and already have a good following, as many of their fans are already asking for a book. If you don't know how to create an online presence, don't be afraid to send you submission to us, we can help you create a website or blog and get you on your way. When you're successful, Brownfish is successful.

The Brownfish Model

Brownfish Publishing utilizes Print on Demand technology, elimating the need for any warehouse or storing costs. We use Lightning Source as our printer, the #1 print on demand printer. We are in the Ingram catalog, therefore your book will be included in all the major online retailers to include Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Borders, and Books a Million. We can even distribute your book into the U.K. market, increasing your sales even more.

Like we mentioned earlier, Brownfish will not charge you any start up costs, thus proving to you that we want your book to be successful. If you don't make money, we don't make money. How we will make money is by taking 30% of the net profit per book sold. Here is an example of the cost break down of our best selling book, Get In Her Mind, Get In Her Bed.

The cover price is listed at $19.95

We offer the retailers (Amazon, B&N, etc) a 30% discount, 6.00. This is how they make their money

Lightning Source charges us $3.95 to print the book

Brownfish takes 20%

Author recieves the rest

Cover Price 19.95 - 6.00 = 13.95 - 3.95 = $10.00 profit

Brownfish takes 30% or 3.00 and the author is left with $7.00 for their book.

Getting Started

Are you ready to become a member of Brownfish today? If you believe your book has the potential to become a hit and there is a market for it, let us know, we will try to make that happen. Even if you think that at best your book will only sell 500 copies, you might have a future with Brownfish. We prefer submissions to be in word document format, download a template below. If you know nothing about computers, don't worry, we wan't your ideas, not your technical skills, and we can guide you through the steps you need to be a success, from formatting your book or designing a cover. To get started writing, use the following templatest.

5x8 template

6x9 template

If you are looking for more templates in other sizes, shoot us an email.